Discouraging Snakes

Snakes are attracted to an area in pursuit of food and habitat. By decreasing the availability of these two variables it is possible to reduce the likelihood of snakes entering the vicinity around your house.


  • Chicken coops and bird aviaries should be rodent-proof
  • All animal food should be stored airtight containers
  • Dog food and cat food should only be offered to pets for small periods of time each day


A well-maintained lawn free of refuse provides a poor habitat for snakes. It also allows good visibility which reduces the incidence of people accidentally stepping on a snake. Any material laying directly on the ground can provide habitat for snakes. This can include such things as timber, iron sheeting, grass clippings, and firewood. Additionally, retaining walls provide excellent habitat for snakes. The following precautionary measures can be taken to reduce available habitat for snakes:

  • The materials mentioned above should not be stored near the house for extended periods of time
  • Building materials and firewood piles should not be stored directly on the ground but raised at least 100mm off the ground on strips of timber

Some species specialize on feeding on frogs. Therefore, ponds and other water sources that provide frogs with habitat have the potential of attracting these species of snakes. For this reason, it is a good idea to situate ponds a sensible distance from the house.

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